Breast Augmentation

Why do women get breast augmentation, and what are its benefits?

Many women seek Breast Augmentation to fulfil their desire to have a breast size that suits their figure. Although, women from different social backgrounds have different reasons for seeking breast augmentation. For example – working women, housewives, beauty contestants, fashion models etc. Each of these groups of people has specific reasons for breast augmentation. But the final driving force for all these women is the feeling of self-confidence and comfort with the appearance of their body..

Who is a candidate for breast augmentation?

Women from different walks of life seek breast augmentation and each of them has different preferences. Some prefer a more voluptuous look while others prefer a more normal appearance. whichever the preference, a suitable patient is one who has a practical perspective and does not have obsessive compulsive traits or body dysmorphic disorder. Physical fitness for surgery is evaluated following psychological evaluation.

Should I wait to have a breast augmentation until after childbirth?

Any woman who has attained sexual maturity can avail breast augmentation surgery. Ideally, minimum age is above 18 years. Patients who desire breast augmentation need not wait till pregnancy; childbirth etc., as the procedure does not affect  the physiological functions like lactation.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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