M.S, M.CH - Chief Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dushyanth Kalva is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the country. He is known for his ethical practice and practical approach. He has pioneered in safe liposuction which is the most in-demand surgical procedure. This technique of liposuction is also refered to as 'Band-aid Lipo' or Dushyanth's Signature Safe Liposuction.

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Dr. Dushyanth

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Dr. Keerthana

M.D Dermatology - Chief Aesthetic Dermatologist

Dr. Keerthana, specialist in dermatology and Medical aesthetics, is an expert in the systemic management of cosmetic issues and is a strong advocate of lifestyle management for skin care. She is a graduate of the Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad and is a specialist in clinical and cosmetic dermatology. Her patients positive testimonials fuel her and she works along with the client to ensure that the end result is line with their expectations. A strong proponent of lifestyle management for skin care, she also specializes in laser application for hair loss, skin rejuvenation and mesotherapy. Dr. Keerthana is fun and vivacious and loves to give her patients as much one-on-one time as possible.

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Why do patients believe in
Dushyanth Kalva?

  • Dushyanth Kalva has been continuously contributing to the improvement of many lives. His vision is to change every frown into a smile through his honest, hard work and passionate services.
  • His expertise lies in various procedures like liposuction, rhinoplasty, dimple creation and non-surgical facelifts.
  • He also takes keen interest in performing complex procedures like post-pregnancy figure correction, facial rejuvenation, and navel correction surgery which have a very high success rate.
  • His clinical interest and expertise include specialization in Microvascular & Reconstructive surgery for Hand and Maxillofacial surgery; Aesthetic surgical procedures of Face and Torso; and also reconstructive surgery for Brachial Plexus injuries.
  • His goal is to improve a patient's self-image by contributing his overall dedication and by using the highest standards of the art of plastic surgery.

Welcome to Inform Clinics

Consult for the best Surgical & Non-surgical Treatments.

Two concepts behind the name "INFORM"

  • We believe in giving every possible, genuine INFORMation.
  • Our efforts will be concentrated to help our patients get the BEST FORM (health & shape).

Inform Clinic has been set up by Dushyanth Kalva to address all surgical and non-surgical treatments for medical or cosmetic or combined concerns under one roof in a single consultation. The clinic has a full time Dermatologist & Plastic surgeon. With such a comprehensive approach, we aspire to provide quick solutions to our patients in a comfortable environment.

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Happy patients mean a
successful practice!

Dushyanth believes in building a lifelong relationship with his patients. This approach allows his patients to establish trust from the minute they walk through the door until long after the procedure is complete.

Patients who come to Hyderabad for Cosmetic Surgery at Inform Clinics, receive more than just a cosmetic treatment. Dushyanth focuses on providing a rejuvenating experience to the patient, as he takes the time to talk to his patients to truly understand their unique aesthetic goals in order to achieve the desired results.

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I have get it done treatment in this clinic nice place & I am happy with treatment.

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Rekha feels very happy with the treatments at Inform Clinics. She talks about the cleanliness and friendly behaviour of the staff.


*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

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