I would highly recommend this cosmetic clinic. They performed 10 hours of FUE hair transplant surgery for me, and I am fully satisfied. Now I am waiting for the results. Thank you so much, Dr. Dushyanth Sir, and your whole team.

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Prabha Karan | Google,

Thanks to Dr. Dushyanth Garu. I am happy after having a treatment fully satisfied and staff was too good. I prefer all to go who are in need of treatment.

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Shyamala Devi | Google,

I felt very glad that I was referred to Dr. Dushyanth who had performed my cosmetic surgery with utmost expertise. Thanks to the hospitality extended by the staff and hospital.

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Pranav Vishnuvajjala | Google,

Excellent treatment and I am satisfied with the result. I would highly recommend it for others

Thanks to Dr Dushyanth and Yugendar.

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

Sukesh More | Google,