I have get it done treatment in this clinic nice place & I am happy with treatment.

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Veeru Veerender | Google,

I would highly recommend this clinic. Dr. Dushyanth has clarified all the doubts and given valuable suggestions and provided excellent treatment. Clinic is like home everyone especially Ramesh has lots of patience to treat the patients. Thanks alot to Dr. Dushyanth Sir, Ramesh and all.

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

Sri Laxmi | Google,

The Assistance was very good by Mr. Ramesh who explained me patiently all the details in my first visit. Will be visiting again soon.

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

Sree Harsha M | Google,

I'm happy with the results and the hospital environment and staff are friendly.To get good results make sure that you explain the changes to Dr Dhushyanth clearly.

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

Harika S | Google,