Are barbed threads the best choice for a non-surgical facelift?

Are barbed threads the best choice for a non-surgical facelift?

Are barbed threads the best choice for a non-surgical facelift?

Nowadays there are several surgical and non-surgical treatments available to reverse the signs of aging. Non-surgical treatments like threadlift are preferred for candidates who have early signs of aging and do not require a surgical facelift. This technique of non-surgical facelift helps in attaining effective & advanced results involving tightening and lifting the sagging facial skin.

The demand for attractive and youthful skin is not uncommon. With growing age, skin loses its youthful appearance and the signs of aging become prevalent.

Dr. Dushyanth Kalva is a well-known plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad who provides advanced treatments for sagging skin and other aging concerns. He is also an expert in performing threadlift treatments. With his experience and expertise, one can expect subtle yet amazing improvements in facial features.

A threadlift is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure that aims at rejuvenating and refreshing the appearance. Threadlift effaces the lines, gently pulls up the skin, and smoothens the skin folds. The best thing about this procedure is that it does not require any large incisions. This treatment has minimal downtime and the recovery is pretty quick. The threadlift procedure involves the use of barbed threads. These barbed threads provide a slimming effect to the lower face i.e. jawline. These threads are placed under the skin to gather tissues to fill out and lift the cheeks and sagging skin.

There are several types of threads available to perform a threadlift. However, barbed threads are considered the best choice for a non-surgical facelift procedure. These are the best as barbs on the thread grabs hold of skin tissue which further creates tension in the thread and lifts the skin tissue. These threads are placed in the hairline area and are used to pull the skin back gently. Barbed threads promote collagen production which improves the facial contours instantly.

Collagen plays a vital role in combating the signs of aging. Collagen helps in making the skin strong, voluminous, and supple. With growing age, our skin produces less collagen which reduces the skin’s thickness, volume, and strength. This further leads to loosely hanging skin, deflation, and wrinkles. With the help of barbed threads, our facial skin gets a tightened appearance and the production of collagen is also initiated. Hence, it provides progressive rejuvenation for the facial tissues. With time, patients can experience a gradual improvement in skin tone and firmness.

The threadlift procedure is useful for those with flabby faces or aging of mid-face, jowls, brow, and neck. It would not be wrong to say that threadlift holds the capacity to reverse the effects of aging on the face.

An additional advantage of threadlift is reduced recovery time. The patient who undergoes facelift surgery needs at least three days for recovery after the surgery. The recovery of the threadlift is comparatively easy. There's no downtime as such but there can be minor bruising or swelling which eventually subside. After threadlift, the patient must refrain from rubbing the face vigorously while cleansing or applying any products on the face. The skin may be sensitive for a couple of weeks. There are no risks associated with this procedure. The patient may experience bruising or swelling which subsides within a day or two. The results of this treatment last up to three years.

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