Enhance the visual appearance of the facial structure and features with advanced facelift surgical treatments performed by Dr. Dushyanth Kalva. Repair loose, sagging, drooping, and wrinkled skin of the face and correct the shape and structure of the eye, nose, ears, and chin to get an improved look.

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Cheek Bone Augmentation

High & prominent cheekbones help present an attractive and contoured face.

Lip Augmentation

Fuller lips are a sign of youth and sensuality. In many cultures, thin lips are considered unappeali...


Signs of aging are more evident in the face than elsewhere in the body.


Many people often notice that their nose is not in proportion with their face, either it is too larg...

Eyebrows Lift

Eyes play an important role in expressing the emotions and body language. But, due to the effects of...

Eyelid Surgery

Droopy eyelids make one look older and sometimes it can also impair the vision. Droopy eyelids are f...

Chin Augmentation

Chin surgery is also known as genioplasty. It is an amazing option for people who feel that their ch...


Otoplasty is an ear surgery that improves the shape and size of the ears by correcting the proportio...