Nipple Correction

  • The nipple area complex is normally located over the most projecting part of the breast. The location, appearance and size of nipple have a significant effect on the breast aesthetics. Conditions that affect the nipple affect the overall breast appearance as well. The common conditions include retracted nipple, overly projecting nipple, enlarged or stretched areola etc. Congenital absence of the nipple is a rare but a known condition. Previous surgical interventions like breast implants via a peri-areolar incision, excision of sub-areolar cysts can also cause distortion of the nipple areola complex. Each of these conditions are amenable to correction through surgeries.
  • The procedures are usually day care and can be performed under local anaesthesia in a majority of the patients.
  • Reconstruction of an absent nipple may also coincide with absence of breast as well. This condition requires staged reconstruction procedures.

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