What is gynecomastia or male breast reduction and the major cause of it?

Enlarged male breast is known as Gynecomastia. Although it’s not a disease by itself, Gynecomastia can cause psychological stress, especially in teenagers and young adults.

How does Gynecomastia forms?

Gynecomastia can cause social withdrawal, avoidance of athletics, swimming, interaction with peers etc. in order to avoid the psychological effects of Gynecomastia. Reduction surgeries are advisable even in younger adolescents. Older men suffering from Gynecomastia usually opt for surgery as lifestyle choice.

Incidence: Gynecomastia can develop in three different scenarios.

  • Adolescent Gynecomastia
    Breast enlargement is seen between ages 12-15 which occurs due to hormonal imbalance. In majority of cases, the enlarged breast tissue may regress. In a small number of cases, the tissue may persist, necessitating a surgery. 
  • Senescent Gynecomastia
    Breast enlargement occurs at the age of 50 and above. This condition may occur due to gradual decrease in test resistance level with advancing age.
  • Pathological Gynecomastia
    This may occur due to tumours that secrete sex-hormone analogues, liver diseases, intake of certain medications, drug abuse etc.
  • Pseudo Gynecomastia
    This is seen in obese males. The appearance mimics that of Gynecomastia but is comprised of only fibro fatty tissue with absence of glandular elements.

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