Breast Asymmetry/Breast Reshaping

What is breast asymmetry surgery?

It is fairly common to have mild asymmetry in the size of breasts and also level of the nipples. Majority of such cases do not need correction as the asymmetry is very mild and does not cause much concern.

What are the benefits of breast asymmetry surgery?

However, in a small number of cases, the asymmetry is significant enough to trouble the person and they approach the plastic surgeon for correction.

Who is the right candidate for breast asymmetry surgery?

The asymmetry in the breasts vary in presentation. In some cases, it is normal development on one side with hypertrophy on the other. In the same cases it is a combination of normal and hypoplasia on the other side. The most severe asymmetries are seen in Poland’s Syndrome where there is complete absence of breast and nipple on one side, sometime even the underlying (pectorals) chest muscle is also absent.

What is the breast asymmetry procedure?

The treatment approach is aimed at equalising the appearance of both breasts in terms of size and shape. Following a detailed history and examination of the patient, treatment plan is drawn keeping the patient preferences in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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