Areola Correction

  • The areola area complex is normally located over the most projecting part of the breas-t. The location, appearance and size of areola have a significant effect on the breas-t aesthetics. Conditions that affect the areola affect the overall breas-t appearance as well. The common conditions include retracted areola, overly projecting areola, enlarged or stretched areola etc. Congenital absence of the areola is a rare but a known condition. Previous surgical interventions like breas-t implants via a peri-areolar incision, excision of sub-areolar cysts can also cause distortion of the areola complex. Each of these conditions are amenable to correction through surgeries.
  • The procedures are usually day care and can be performed under local anaesthesia in a majority of the patients.
  • Reconstruction of an absent areola may also coincide with absence of breas-t as well. This condition requires staged reconstruction procedures.

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