Hip & Gluteal Region Enhancement

Which provides with better results, fat grafting or implants?

Women who request for behind enhancement do so to enhance their feminine appearance. Men request behind augmentation to achieve a more muscular-looking hips. Hip & Gluteeal regoin enhancement can be achieved with implant placement or fat grafting and sometimes a combination of both.

  • IMPLANTS - Suitable sized implants are placed in the gluteus minimus muscle in a midline sacral incision. The results are instantaneous. Since implants are foreign bodies, greater care must be exercised during the healing and recovery period.
  • FAT GRAFTING - This procedure involves aspiration or extraction of fat from other areas such as abdomen, flanks, thighs, etc., this fat is purified and injected into the buttock region. 30-40% of the fat is expected to be resorbed by the body. Hence there is a certain period after which results stabilize. The recovery is relatively faster than implant surgery. There is an additional benefit of body contouring because of fat harvesting from abdomen or thighs etc.


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