Arm & Thigh Lift

What are the benefits of arm and thigh lift surgery?

Laxity and sagging seen in the arms and thighs are definitive signs of ageing. They can be accentuated by a genetic predisposition for laxity, fluctuating weight, massive weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery, etc.

  • For people with relatively firm skin and significant fat deposits, liposuction can give satisfactory results but in the majority of these patients, some excision and tightening becomes necessary. 
  • Tightening of the arms is called arm lift or Brachioplasty. Arm lift results in a more contoured and firm appearance of the arms. 
  • Inner thighs are most prone for laxity and descent of the skin and excess tissue. An inner thigh lift is a commonly performed body contouring procedure. 
  • Outer thigh laxity is seen in massive weight loss patients. Tightening is done during a complete thigh lift or as a part of belt lipectomy or mid-body lift procedure. 
  • The benefits include a toned appearance, ability to fit into trendy clothing and most importantly ability to exercise easier and better.

Can an arm lift be performed with a thigh lift?

Arm and thigh lift procedures require careful planning regarding the amount of skin excision, optional placement of scars, whether to include liposuction in the procedure, etc., as meticulous planning gives the best possible results. The typical duration of an arm lift is about 2 to 3 hrs. About 2 to 3 hrs are required for an inner thigh lift and 3 to 4 hrs for total thigh lifts. In the presence of a suitable operating team and multiple surgeons, arm and thigh lifts can be combined and simultaneously operated, patient factors have to be taken consideration as well. (Fitness for surgery).

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