Recovery Tips after Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

Recovery Tips after Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings that a woman experiences. But, due to pregnancy and childbirth, a woman's body undergoes different changes such as weight gain, stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen, stretch marks, sagging and enlarged breasts, etc. These changes not only affect the overall appearance of a woman but also result in psychological disturbance.

Therefore, women often opt for a mommy makeover that is carried out to restore the pre-baby body. The mommy makeover combines different procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, mammoplasty, and mastopexy. Depending on the requirement of an individual the right set of surgeries is chosen mutually by the surgeon and the patient. These surgeries mainly focus to provide a contoured body shape. Those who have no plans for further pregnancy and want to regain their toned and fit bodies can opt for a mommy makeover.

Choosing a qualified surgeon to perform mommy makeover helps avoid any serious risks. A surgeon who knows his job well can definitely provide the desired results to his patients. However, it also needs the patient's commitment and obeyance of post-op instructions to optimize the results. So, here's a list of post-op instructions that help in quick recovery and optimization of Mommy Makeover results.

  1. Take proper rest: Mommy makeover demands a proper rest by the patient as the body needs time to heal after multiple surgeries.
  2. Hydration: The patient is advised to consume at least 4 to 5 liters of water every day because a hydrated body enables the tissue to heal well.
  3. Maintain a proper diet: Maintaining a healthy, protein-rich diet is very important to avoid any weight fluctuation, as it can affect the result. Apart from this, one must take the prescribed supplements to enable an adequate healing process.
  4. Avoid lifting weights and vigorous exercising: At the initial stage after the surgery, the patient is required to take adequate rest for the tissues to settle down and heal well. The initial stage lasts for the first two weeks, after which the patient can perform a light exercise at home, but must avoid weight lifting and strenuous exercising for a couple of weeks.
  5. Follow the respective care suitable for each surgery: Mommy makeover treatment involves the combination of surgeries and requires specific care for each one of them. Hence, one must consult the surgeon and discuss the post-surgery care for the optimum results.
  6. Take the prescribed medicine: One must follow every advice given by the surgeon and follow the intake of prescribed medicines as directed to have a smooth recovery.
  7. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking: Alcohol and smoking during the recovery period significantly interfere with the healing process and may result in severe complications such as infections, allergy through drugs, etc.

Mommy makeover is an effective and one-stop solution to reverse the physical effects of pregnancy. Therefore, one must follow the recovery tips and surgeon’s guidance. For further information visit Inform Clinics, Hyderabad.

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