How to get rid of loose and sagging skin?

 How to get rid of loose and sagging skin?

How to get rid of loose and sagging skin?

Loose and sagging skin is a natural sign of the aging process, and is also caused due to volume loss, bone density loss, and sun damage that make one look dull, tired, and aged. Often to reverse these signs of aging, many men and women search for skin tightening treatments to achieve a youthful look. Therefore, various non-invasive procedures are available at Inform Clinics, Hyderabad, that help people to reverse sign signs and achieve a more youthful appearance. At Inform Clinics, all these treatments are provided by expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dushyanth Kalva. He is a well-known surgeon for his ethical practice and practical approach that help him deliver natural results. The clinic is well equipped with modern equipment and advanced technology to address all kinds of cosmetic concerns. Besides this, it also has a world-class facility for patient care which is supported by certified doctors, aestheticians, and nursing staff.

People who want to look youthful without undergoing surgical facelifts can go for non-surgical procedures to achieve a youthful appearance. Skin tightening treatment like Fractional RF treatment, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, thread lift, and HIFU all are available at Inform Clinics that helps patient to achieve a more youthful look. These treatments are cost-effective and offer minimum to no downtime. However, an individual with excessive loose skin needs to undergo surgical options like facelift and neck lift for the best results.

1. Fractional multi-needle RF treatment
Fractional multi-needle RF treatment is an innovative method that provides overall skin rejuvenation, tightening benefits and corrects various signs of aging. The procedure involves thermal energy delivered into the target area into the skin’s dermis layer to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which further helps the skin become tighter, smoother, and even-toned. This procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes and involves the use of an anesthetic cream to manage discomfort. The results can be seen immediately after the treatment. However, it takes 3 to 5 sessions to achieve optimum results.

2. Anti-wrinkle injections
Repeated facial movements over the years cause the development of facial lines, deep creases, and wrinkles. Besides this, aging also decreases collagen and elastin production in the body, which delays skin repair. To combat this, anti-wrinkle injection is the best-proven solution. These injectables relax the wrinkles forming muscle and provide a younger and rejuvenated facial appearance. The anti-wrinkle injectables can treat crow’s feet, droopy brows, forehead lines, frown lines, and many other signs of aging.

3. Dermal fillers
Dermal fillers are popularly used to rejuvenate the cheeks, lips, jawline, hands, and temple area. These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid that stimulates collagen, elastin, and other essential skin protein production, which acts as a volumizer in the sagging skin area. The results from dermal fillers are natural and help an individual to achieve youthful facial contour.

4. High intensity focused ultrasound
HIFU or high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment provides various anti-aging benefits as it tightens the sagging skin, shrinks open pores, and tightens the jowls. The procedure of HIFU is designed to target various layers of the skin to boost collagen regeneration and promote skin tightening and lifting. The HIFU treatment is quick, painless, and involves no downtime.

5. Thread lift
Thread lift uses medical sutures that are inserted into the skin suffering from sagging issues. The threads support and provide a lift to the skin sagging tissues. The threads are degradable. They undergo a hydrolysis process inside the skin that boosts the production of collagen and offers a visible lift and volume to the sagging area of the skin.

The above-mentioned skin tightening treatment is the best option to get rid of loose and sagging skin and enhance the appearance without going under the knife.

For severe cases ‘Facelift Surgery’ is the best option
The surgical facelift procedure is performed under sedation and local anesthetic or under general anesthesia. The surgical markings are made according to one's requirement; the facelift surgery is customized to offer beautiful and safe results.

The best candidates for this treatment are people who are between 45-70 years of age, and this surgery can also be performed on older or younger people with extreme sagging skin. The surgery lifts and tightens the sagging skin, reduces the droop of the cheeks around the jawline, and offers a beautiful jawline and midface.

To know further about the best suited surgical and non-surgical skin tightening treatment to get back a youthful appearance, consult with the best plastic surgeon at Inform Clinic today!

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